Running a Horse Farm can be a rewarding and fun experience. Unfortunately it can be an expensive experience as well. The United States has noticed this and has put into place many government grants to help farmers reach their goal without emptying their pocket books. Whether your horse farm is used primarily to teach future rider or promote trail riding, it would be wise for farmers to take advantage of these grants.

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Grant

This grant can be very beneficial for future horse farmers. They can award up to 750,000 dollars to horse farmers who work on animal health, production of horses, and animal products. However, you must be willing to focus on Childhood Obesity Prevention and provide documented research on how your farm has positively affected this prevention.

Nature Based Youth Programs Grant

If you already have an established horse farm and live in the Washington D.C. area, this is the grant opportunity for you. The Bureau of Land Management can award up to 60,000 dollars to horse farms who are willing to help disadvantaged youth. Once awarded this grant these farms are expected to run youth programs that teach children about what the Bureau of Labor Management stands for while teaching them proper horseback riding skills and how to successfully care for your horse.

Perscribed Grazing Management Grant

There are even government horse grants available on the sunny island of Hawaii. The Hawaii State Office awards up to 20,000 dollars to ranchers who share their grazing management skills. Once awarded they must be able to produce a grazing plan, take measurements, and produce sufficient documentation.