QuickBooks Online Training Classes

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QuickBooks is a business accounting software program used by small businesses to track expenses, pay bills, generate invoices and manage client accounts. The software is targeted towards users who may have little accounting experience or education. However, new users may need training to learn the fundamentals of the program and experienced users might benefit from advanced training. There are many QuickBooks training programs online; users should choose courses that meet their needs and experience level.

E-Learning Center

E-Learning Center has been offering training on a variety of topics, including QuickBooks software, since 1999. The QuickBooks training program provides 33 hours of online instruction covering seven modules. The series is designed for basic users, providing education on topics such as software set-up, invoicing and recording inventory. Students have up to 12 months to complete the course. The cost is $99.


Ed2Go provides career training online, covering topics such as management, media and hospitality. The organization provides a course called &ldquo;Bookkeeping the Easy Way with Quickbooks&rdquo;, teaching students the fundamentals of accounting using QuickBooks software, including entering data, use of ledgers and worksheets. The course is targeted towards basic users and runs 140 hours. Students must sign up for the course through an Ed2Go participating institution and costs can vary.


Learnthat offers a free online QuickBooks tutorial training. Learnthat was founded to offer free online education and has been providing training since 1999. The course teaches students the fundamentals of QuickBooks, covering topics such as tracking sales and expenses, bill paying and invoice creation.


OnPoint provides online software training that offers a number of courses about QuickBooks. The company is a member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. Courses cover topics such as QuickBooks navigation, data protection and purchase orders. Courses are intended for both basic and experienced users. Courses are offered in both real-time interaction and pre-recorded formats. Courses typically run about 90 minutes.