Display boards are board-shaped displays made from materials rigid enough to stand on their own. Display boards are commonly used at conventions, school fairs, for school and college projects and in business. There are different types of display boards that are best suited for projects and items that must be displayed on each board. Some boards will hold more weight without toppling.

Cardboard Tri-Fold

Cardboard tri-fold display boards are available at most retail superstores. The cardboard on such displays is as thick as the cardboard used in shipping boxes, making it rigid enough that it will not sag down at the top and overlap itself. The tri-fold form of the display board opens up with two wing-like sections that sit to the sides of a wider middle piece. The two sections are half the width of the middle section and kick out on the sides to offer the middle section some support so that it does not fall over on its own or easily fall if there is a breeze from someone passing by. Cardboard tri-fold display boards are best to use for displaying papers and photos and using light objects for decoration, such as glitter and scrapbook die-cut letters. This type of display board is usually available in white or the traditional brown cardboard color.

Foam Board

Foam display boards are very similar to cardboard tri-fold display boards. They also contain two wing-like sections that support the middle section and are usually around the same thickness as the cardboard display boards. Foam boards, however, will better support heavier items that you would need to place on the display. Foam boards are usually comprised of a foam center and thin, plastic covering on the front and back that makes the boards sturdier than cardboard displays. To add items on a foam board you may glue, tape or even thumbtack them into place. This type of board is most commonly available in white and is hard to paint.

Plastic Boards

Also made as a tri-folding segment, plastic boards are the sturdiest type of display board. The interior and exterior plastic materials make the board more durable and heavier than cardboard and foam boards. Plastic boards can hold more items and heavier items than display boards and withstand breezes more easily. Plastic display boards are usually available in white and are hard to paint, though the white makes a great backdrop for most any project.