How to Get Elected to the School Board

How to Get Elected to the School Board. Public education is one of our most crucial institutions. Participating in the body that oversees the policies and procedures governing schools is a major task and requires a substantial commitment of time and energy. To get elected to the school board, you are going to have to campaign and promote yourself. Read on to learn more.

Know the concerns of the community and clarify how you can help achieve the goals and represent their values. Conduct surveys, go door-to-door, let the community know of your desire to be elected to the school board.

Acquire background knowledge of the school district and community it serves. Read past press releases for information. Look for trends in areas such as personnel, budget and testing.

Develop a campaign platform that reflects what you stand for. Communicate your experience and your track record and how these can make you an effective school board member. Study your competitors and emphasize what makes you different and better.

Assemble a campaign team and hire a campaign manager and/or consultant (they may be one in the same). Recruit volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Choose those who can be your "face" when dealing with the community. Hold regular meetings with your team to set goals and analyze progress.

Adhere to the rules, policies and ordinances governing campaign financing and regulations for school board elections. Make sure all your paperwork is complete, accurate and submitted well ahead of established deadlines.

Determine your budget and secure sources of funding, which may come from family, friends, businesses or organizations. Follow the rules for proper use and reporting of money.

Seek endorsements by key community organizations and representatives. Attend school board meetings. Speak on topics related to community concerns and how those concerns relate to education. Use the media and send press releases for exposure, photo opportunities and to let the community know your goals for the schools.


  • Be selective and aware of the sources of your campaign contributions. Make sure they are legal donations and remember that this will reflect on your values and who you truly represent.