A union can have several elected officials. The primary responsibility of the elected officials is to represent the desires and needs of the other union members. If you think that you have what it takes to represent your union, then you need to start putting together your election campaign. One aspect of your election campaign will be your union campaign letter. This letter is used to explain your viewpoints and how you will handle the elected duties. It can be sent to union members to help convince them that you’re the right person for the position.

Place your full name at the top of your union campaign letter. Then, include your contact information and the date that you plan to distribute the letter to potential voters. Include your campaign website, if you have one, in the contact information.

State the union position that you are running for in the first paragraph. Make it clear that this is a union campaign letter and that you are looking for voter support.

Summarize the platforms of your campaign. Include issues that are of particular importance to the members of your union, such as lowering union dues. Reiterate that as a union representative, you will do everything in your power to represent the wishes and needs of the members.

Keep negativity out of your union campaign letter. Rather than bashing your opponent, for example, stay on the topic of why you are the best candidate for the union office.

Explain how potential voters can get more information about you and your platform. They may be able to request an information packet, visit your campaign website or contact you directly.

Sign the union campaign letter. This helps give it a personal touch that potential voters may appreciate.