How to Write a Letter Requesting a Donation for a Ball Team

by Jennifer VanBaren ; Updated September 26, 2017
Baseball teams rely on donations to keep the leagues functioning.

Community ball leagues often ask local businesses for donations to help cover the costs of the sports teams. The most common way a league requests donations is through writing a donation request letter. This letter explains the purpose of the donation and what the money will be used for. When writing this type of letter, be polite, use a professional tone and let the businesses know what they will receive in return for the donation.

Address the letter. Write “Dear” followed by the business’s name or to make the letter more general, address it “Dear Local Businesses.”

Introduce yourself. Donation request letters are generally written by a person on the league’s committee. This committee makes decisions regarding how many donations are needed and how the donations will be used. Tell the readers your name and position and include the type and name of the league.

Provide details about the organization. Explain to the reader what your organization does, how it benefits the community and children and what you are trying to accomplish.

Ask for a donation. Normally, many leagues ask for donations in different amounts, so list the donation amounts you are offering. Baseball leagues often provide advertising to sponsors such as including the business names on the player’s jerseys. Leagues also provide advertising through programs and in local newspapers.

Close the letter by thanking the business. Let the reader know that you are grateful that the business will take the time to consider donating to the league. Include ways for the business to contact you, if needed, and let the reader know that you will contact him with a follow-up call in a specified period of time. Sign the letter “Sincerely” followed by your name and title.

Include a cut-off return slip at the bottom. Below the letter, create a form that the business can fill out and return to you. Include the donation amounts offered and the prices. The businesses then fill out the slip and return it to the address provided.

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