How to Organize a Benefit to Raise Money

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Benefits are fundraisers held by various nonprofits or schools to raise money for a cause. The basis of a benefit is to sell tickets for admittance to an event that offers lunch or dinner and entertainment. Planning a benefit requires organization, budgeting and time management. Providing a complete meal and great entertainment to your guests increases ticket sales and money raised.

Establish a budget. Determine how much money needs to be raised. The benefit shouldn’t cost more than the amount of money needed. The cost of the benefit must be factored into the amount of money that needs to be raised.

Select a theme. The theme of your benefit could be a concert, dinner, game night or sporting event.

Select a date and time. The date should be far enough in the future to allow time to sell enough tickets to reach your goal. Since this is a benefit, the time of the fundraiser can be at any time.

Select a location. The location must be large enough to accommodate the estimated amount of guests. It must suit the organization's style, needs and benefit theme.

Determine the logistics of the benefit. This will depend on the theme of the benefit. If the benefit is a dinner, you will need to create a menu; if it is a concert, you must book entertainment.

Create advertisements. Posters, fliers and signs indicate the goal of the benefit and why the organization is raising funds. They also should include the date, time, location and cost of the tickets.

Sell tickets to the benefit. The cost of each ticket must be in relation to the amount of money needed. For example, if an organization needs to raise $5,000, then 200 tickets should be sold at $25 each. The number of tickets, size of the location and funds needed must be relative.

Organize speakers. Although you are providing food and entertainment to those who purchased tickets, the fundraiser should have a few speakers that discuss the organization and its goals.

Provide door prizes and other entertainment. Prizes and entertainment make any event a little more interesting. Entertainment can be music, games or a performance.

Stay organized. Keep track of all tickets sold and the timeline of events.


  • Thank your guests for their donation and attending your event regardless of whether you meet your goals. Do not sell more tickets than the venue can hold. Be realistic about your fundraising goal.