Big Ticket Raffle Ideas

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Raffles are big money makers after the sale of all of the tickets reaches above and beyond the price of the prize. Expensive items often sell more tickets because people love the chance to win large prizes for the small price of a raffle ticket. Offer up some big ticket items at your next raffle for charity or profit for your organization.

Car Raffle

Purchase a car for your raffle prize. Ask for donations and discounts from a local dealer. Choose a brand new model that would be appealing to the crowd. Depending on how much the vehicle costs you and how many tickets you plan to sell, the prices of the tickets can be kept low. Offer up tickets for around $100 if the car costs $15,000 and you plan on selling 300 tickets. Your profit, after the car is paid for will be around $15,000. Adjust the cost of your tickets depending on the estimated number of tickets you are selling so you can ensure a profit.

Travel Package

Speak with a local travel agent and ask about donations or discounts they can offer you for your raffle. Plan an all-inclusive trip to a popular destination such as Disneyland or Hawaii depending on the interests of your crowd. Set the price of the tickets according to your cost and the estimated number of tickets you will sell. If the package is attractive and the cost of the ticket is low in comparison, you are more likely to sell a large numbers of tickets and make as much profit as possible.

Memberships and Services

Offer a membership or service prize to the raffle winner. Get gift certificates or prepay memberships for a maid service, day spa services, gym, season sports tickets or a prepaid shopping spree at a local boutique. A low one-time cost of a raffle ticket makes an expensive on-going service more appealing to customers who do not usually use those types of services or those that do and want to save a lot of money.