Counting scales are a way of weighing money to tell you precisely how much you have. A set of counting scales can quickly calculate the value of your coins and notes by weight, and saves you having to count them by hand. Knowing how to properly use a counting machine will prevent you from making accounting mistakes, and will help you count the earnings at the end of a work day. Although counting scales can be expensive, using them will pay off in terms of time and energy.

Step 1.

When the scales have been switched on, press, "0", to set the scale to zero, and clear any previous information.

Step 2.

Set the units that you will be measuring, such as nickels or dimes. Do this by pressing "Next" on the "Units" and scroll through until you get the correct setting. Create a tare if you will be using a tray or other item to hold the coins. To create a tare, place the empty tray onto the counting scales, and press "T" when the weight is displayed. The scale will now be set to zero, and will only measure the coins' weight.

Step 3.

Place the coins onto the scales and move your hand away. Wait for the scales to make the calculation. Check that there are no incorrect coins in the pile, as this will compromise the reading.

Step 4.

Write down the amount that the scales values the coins at. Take off the coins and set the scales to a new set of units to weigh any other coins you may have. Although some scales can add up amounts, keep your own record in case the scales do not work properly.