If you show your wares at any kind of trade show, you should know how to quickly set up a trade show booth. While a 10-by-10-foot convention booth is a relatively small size, it can be quite effective if organized properly. The key to getting the most out of your trade show experience is to efficiently set up a trade show booth that attracts the most customers. This gives you more time to interact with them.

Know What You Want to Display

Make a list of the things you want to include in your trade show booth. Include in this list the signs you want to display from the wall. Do you want just the skirted table and a couple of chairs that the convention center provides? Or do you want pop-up displays, lightweight shelving or display racks? Are you showing products with television monitors or LED projection systems? Keep in mind how many salespeople are necessary to operate the convention booth and allow space for them.

Practice Setting Up Equipment

Make it easy to set up a trade show booth at the convention by knowing how all the pieces of equipment work before you leave the office. Know what wiring you need to connect electronic equipment.

Know how to connect all the display elements for your convention booth. If you are using banners or pop-up displays, know how to attach the fabric to the metal frames. Pack any necessary tools needed for setup of displays.

Pack the Trade Show Display Materials

Most trade show display pieces come with their own packing crates. If yours doesn’t, pack the materials in the reverse order of the setup. That way the things you need to set up first are on top of the packing crate. If possible, order packing crates with wheels. This tool can help you easily maneuver to your spot in the convention center. Include extra extension cords in your packing crates.

Set Up the Trade Show Booth

Arrive at the convention center with plenty of time to set up your trade show booth. From your practice experience, you should have a good idea of how long you need to allow yourself. Typically two people can set up a trade show booth in under an hour.

Work from the outside of the booth space to the center to set it up. Hang banners with your company’s logo from the walls or divider curtains. Arrange the table to suit your needs. Erect your pop-up displays or table displays. Set up your electronic equipment and make sure it is functioning properly. Add optional spotlights to feature specific parts of your trade show display.

Always remember to set out your company’s literature. Keep a supply of ink pens on the table as well as your business cards.