Whether you operate a non-profit or a for-profit gym, it is important to have the right equipment to offer to your community. There are several ways to get grants to refurbish gyms. The grants process can be lengthy and consume a substantial amount of time, but finding a strategy that works well for you can help you focus your efforts.

Private Foundations

When you begin applying for grants, one of the best places to begin is with private foundations. These foundations are set up specifically to provide grants. When searching for grants for refurbishing a gym, it is important to consider what types of support a foundation offers, such as equipment, construction or renovation. Prepare an application to request support to refurbish your gym.

In-Kind Grants

Make a list of construction companies and stores that sell exercise equipment. See if they can donate their services or supplies as in-kind grant donation for your gym renovation. Offer to post their business information in the gym to show that they have supported your organization.

Government Funding

Look into government grants through the state or federal government for health projects or block funding for gym renovations. Although much of the funding is based on your state's resources, making the needs of the community known to your local government leaders might help rally support for your gym and programs that you offer.


Network on an ongoing basis and try to participate in local business or non-profit groups. Discussing your cause and your needs with others in the community can shed light on your projects and lead to grants to renovate or refurbish your gym. Local foundations and private foundations might be interested in funding your project with ongoing funding or a one-time grant.


Some limit the grants to non-profits. If you are a for-profit, you might be able to have a non-profit work with you as your fiscal agent to accept funds on your behalf.


One of the most common methods of finding grants for gyms or exercise centers is to begin by conducting a funding search. You might look for grants using terminology such as fitness, health, exercise, rehabilitation, gym, community center or other terms that fit your project.

Stress the importance of offering a gym in your area. Have research and statistics about obesity or other health problems for your area to back up your request.