The Ultraship, manufactured by My Weigh, is an accurate, sensitive weighing scale with a digital readout, designed for weighing items to be shipped through the post office or other delivery services. The different Ultraship models are named in accordance with the maximum weight they can measure (Ultra-75, Ultra-55, Ultra-50, Ultra-35. and Ultra-30). The scales feature automatic on/off, a backlit and removable readout panel, a hold function that keeps the weight readout for up to 120 seconds, and a tare weight function. Ultraships also feature a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Basic Operation and Care

Press the ON/OFF button to turn the scale on. Allow it to warm up for a few seconds. Press UNIT to select the unit of weight desired, either kilograms (kg), pounds (lb), pounds and ounces (lb/oz), or grams (g). If you are weighing an item without a container, press TARE for a zero readout, then place the item on the scale. If you are weighing an item with a container, place the container on the scale, press TARE for the zero reading, then place the item inside the container. The weight of the item alone will be displayed. Do not overload the scale, or place near water. Ultraships are not waterproof. Keep cell phones, computers and other electronic equipment away from the scale. Electronic and radio devices can interfere with its operation.

Malfunction Readouts

A reading of EEEE indicates physical damage to the weighing sensors. Recalibrate the scale; if the machine still malfunctions, check your warranty for a possible replacement. A reading of 8888 indicates a zero-lock error, when the machine cannot measure zero weight; an Ultraship with a zero-lock error needs to be recalibrated (see below), otherwise repaired or replaced. A reading of UNST indicates the machine is in an unstable position and cannot give an accurate reading. Move the scale to a more solid table or countertop.

Power Supply

If the scale is starting to malfunction or give inaccurate readouts, or if the readings are rapidly fluctuating, replace the batteries first. Replace all the batteries at the same time. Check the battery connections within the scale to make sure they are solidly contacting the battery terminals. If the scale works properly on batteries but malfunctions when switched to AC power, have your AC adaptor checked. Remember that the Ultra-75 requires a different adaptor, with a higher power output, than the other models.


If the scale continues to give inaccurate readings, recalibrate it. For the Ultra-30 or 35, use a 10 kilogram weight. For a UL-50, 55, or 75, use a 20 kilogram weight. Turn the scale off. Press and hold ZERO, then press ON, then release both keys. Wait for a stable “A/D” number to appear, then press UNIT. The scale will display 0SAVE, then the A/D number. Place the weight on the scale. The A/D number returns. Press UNIT. The Ultraship again displays 0SAVE, at which point the scale is recalibrated. Turn the scale off and then on again. Check readings for accuracy.