The Best Cold Calling Technique for Life Insurance

Although seemingly daunting, cold calling to sell life insurance can become a quite effective tool for your life insurance business if you employ proven and effective techniques. There are several important techniques you can use to better sell and land appointments with prospective life insurance buyers.

Be Prepared

According to, cold calling may be the last resort of life insurance sales, but you can make it an effective sales technique. Before making any calls, be sure that you have an updated contact list with correct phone numbers and correct names. You waste crucial time if you spend time tracking down the correct information. You also do not want to violate the law by calling people who are on the “do not call list.”

Always prepare yourself with a script of what you are going to say to the caller. Know how to overcome objections from the caller. If you do not reach the person you want to speak with, make sure you have techniques to get around the “gatekeeper,” to reach the person on your call list. Finally, do want waste time inquiring about the person’s day. Get to the point of the call. You can create a friendly attitude by smiling to yourself before and while you make the call; a smile actually translates through the phone lines in your vocal tones.


Make sure you are educated about the person you are calling. If possible, know their age and something about their employment status. Such knowledge greatly helps in tailoring the type of life insurance policy that is ideal for them. You want to convey to the caller that you know enough about them to warrant an in-person appointment. Do not make assumptions about the person you are calling, make inquires. Finally, always use as little of the person’s time as possible, and make sure to acknowledge to the person you are calling that you recognize the importance of their time.


Make a specific guarantee that if they schedule an appointment with you regarding life insurance they will not be wasting their time. Provide specific details of what services you offer and how an in-person appointment will benefit the caller. Make sure that before you end the call, you have your caller confirm that they have all the details for an in-person appointment. You may even take down their email address to send a confirmation email regarding the appointment.