Giving a presentation about your product strategy does not have to be complicated. All you need to do is describe in a compelling manner how your product or service meets or exceeds the needs of customers. Do this by describing the product, its basic features and then any competitive advantages. You may need to distinguish your offering (perhaps based quality and availability) from any others.

Describing Your Product Strategy

Your presentation should describe your vision, objective, desired outcome and how you will report on your performance. Minimize the words on any visuals and include crisp charts to accentuate your verbal message. Script your presentation to ensure you touch upon all important points but do not read from your materials. Convey enthusiasm and confidence about the future for the product and your company.

When you are introducing a new item, your strategy is to capture the market and create demand for your product. If you are presenting a strategy about an existing product, you may need to describe how you plan to beat the competition.

Explain how you portray your product. You may market your product as the item available at the lowest cost. Or, you may depict it as the one with most value. Your presentation should describe how you will reduce a competitor's edge and create opportunities for your own product. This may mean you differentiate your product by what it does not have (for example, flaws in a competitor's product) and what it promotes instead. There may be a learning curve associated with using your product so be sure to address how you plan to handle that aspect. If there is an initial high cost, explain the long-term benefits and return on investment.

Then, focus on the customer. Describe how your product is useful across multiple industries, if possible. You may be able to redefine the customer for this type of product with some creative positioning. Describe complementary products and offer complete solutions whenever possible. Describe feedback you have received from current customers and perhaps a competitor's customers.

Your presentation strategy is most successful when it is matches the current conditions, acknowledges the competition and enables long-term growth. Depict how you will respond to fluctuating conditions. Adjusting to new circumstances may necessitate corrective actions in design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service. Portray your company competency and strength in handling economic, social and political climate challenges.

Conclude your presentation with a statement on how you will establish your brand loyalty. Your audience should walk away with an understanding of your target market, business and benefit. So, for example, your final visual could simply make a statement such as "For busy professionals, our software application produces expense reports in half the time of other products."