Toshiba produces several models of copy machines for small, medium and large sized offices. Some of the models have different features, but they all suffer from a few common problems on occasion. Serious problems need to be fixed by a qualified service repair technician, but most common problems can be fixed by following a few troubleshooting steps.

Copier Does Not Operate

When using a Toshiba copier, you may find that the machine does not operate as normal. This can occur when you try to power on the unit or after the unit is powered on and you press any of the buttons. First, check that the power cord is securely plugged into a working power outlet.

Next, check if one of the error lights is blinking on the control panel of the unit. The error lights let you know of specific issues with the copier that need to be resolved before normal operation can be resumed.

Another reason the copier may not work when buttons are pressed is because it entered "Energy Saving" mode. The "Energy Saving" mode helps cut down on the amount of power the copier consumes. If the machine isn't used for an extended period of time, it will enter this mode to conserve power. To exit "Energy Saving" mode, press the "Energy Saver" button.

Finally, if you recently turned on the copier, it may not have finished the warm-up process the machine needs to go through before you can use the machine. Wait several minutes for the copier to complete the process before trying to use it again.

Error Lights

Five different error lights inform you when problems arise with the copier. The error lights are on the control panel, usually in a box above a picture of the copier. The light in the top left corner of the box is the "Cover Open" light and is a rectangle with the top line pointing up diagonally. This indicates one of the covers on the copier is open and needs to be shut before continuing normal operation. Check the front cover, side cover and the automatic document feeder cover.

The light to the right of the "Cover Open" light is the "Paper Empty" light and is a square with the top line missing and several horizontal lines inside. When lit, there is no paper in the any of the drawers or the bypass tray. Refill as needed.

Below the "Cover Open" light is the "Service Call" light. It is the symbol of a wrench. If the "Service Call" light is lit or blinking, contact a service technician to fix the machine. Before calling, press the "8" button and the "CLEAR/STOP" button at the same time. An error code will display on the control panel. Pass it along to the technician.

To the right of the "Service Call" light is the "Toner" light. The toner light looks like the "Paper Empty" light except there are dots in the box instead of horizontal lines. When lit, the toner is almost empty or it has not been installed correctly. When blinking, the toner is out and needs to be changed immediately.

The light under the "Toner" light is the "Paper Jam" light. When lit, there is a paper jam in the machine. The picture of the copier under the error light box will direct you to the jam, which you need to clear before you can resume normal operation of the copier.

Frequent Jams

Frequent paper jams in Toshiba copiers happen for several reasons. Check that the paper you are using in the machine is compatible with the copier and that the paper size is correct for the tray in which it is placed. Also make sure that you are not overfilling any of the trays.

The most common reason for frequent paper jams is that the paper from a previous jam was not completely removed. This not only causes more frequent jams but can damage components of the copier. Make sure when clearing a jam that all of the paper is removed.