The Internet has opened up a new world of at-home jobs. You just have to be wary of scam artists who want to take money rather than help you make it. You need to know which opportunities are reliable before you get started. One key piece of advice: Click away if the company asks you for money first.

Affiliate Income

Join an affiliate program and promote it. Reliable companies include Clickbank and Commission Junction. Find a product that interests you and sign up to become an affiliate. You will be given an affiliate link to include on on your website or blog or in forums. You can also write and distribute free articles with a link to the product. Whenever someone clicks on your link and purchases the product, you make money.

For example, you could write about a brand of lipstick and place the article on your own website or blog, or submit it to article directory site, such as Whenever someone searches for that particular lipstick, your article will pop up. It could pop up for months and sometimes even years after you have written it.


Use your favorite topic to create a blog. If you love cats, than write about them. After you have a few posts, you can apply to Google Adsense and add ads to your blog. Anytime someone clicks on these ads, you make money. If you add posts on a regular basis, you will pick up more traffic. If the site becomes popular, you can sell ad space to, say, makers of cat toys. See for an example of a site that makes money with Adsense and ads.

Online Writing Jobs

The Internet has a voracious appetite for material. Freelance writers and editor supply much of the web copy. Vet companies through the Better Business Bureau or sign up for web forums where writers post their online experiences.

Among sites featuring writing and editing jobs are,, and