Used office furniture can be sold in a short period of time with the right tools. Traditionally, office furniture classified ads have been placed in local newspapers. You could also contact a business that will purchase the furniture directly from you and resell the items. Lastly, office furniture ads can be placed online through websites such as

Newspaper Ads

Local papers sell classified ad space at different prices. For example, the Los Angeles Times sells print and online space at different rates, though you can access additional information online. The website even allows users to place their ad online--whether print, online or both. The Miami Herald has representatives that will design ads (1-866-860-6000), or you can create your own ad using their self-serve website. Most local newspapers across the nation offer similar services. However, the turnaround time from when you place an ad to when the used furniture sells may be longer than if you had used other ways.


Businesses exist that directly purchase used office furniture and later sell the items independently. Services, such as Furniture Finders, list various dealers located throughout the United States that will purchase used furniture. SWC Office Furniture is an example of a business that buys used furniture in the Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts area. You can also contact furniture liquidators that will purchase furniture or arrange to advertise and sell the furniture, usually by charging a fee and a percentage of the profits. works within the Maryland and Delaware area; is in the New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts area; and is in the San Francisco Bay area.


An easy way to sell office furniture is to take photos of the inventory and upload the photos onto a craigslist ad. Unlike similar websites such as ebay, purchases on craigslist are primarily made by local residents. While shipping costs should not be a factor, make sure that the ad specifies if the buyer is responsible for delivery or if you are willing to deliver the furniture. Consider whether you want to answer every prospective buyer's questions or if you want to hold an open house or garage sale, perhaps during the weekend, so that many buyers can inspect the furniture simultaneously. To avoid answering several telephone calls about the furniture, do not provide a contact number. Highlight that all sales are final in the ad as well as on any receipt, if applicable.