Work Place Decorating Ideas

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Waking up to go to work is much easier when you've got something to look forward to. If you dread interrupting your sleep to go into the office each day, treat yourself to a work space redecorating session; it will give you a bright and personalized work space to look forward to. When decorating a home office, you can go as crazy as you'd like with your décor. However, incorporating personalized décor into your cubicle is trickier because you have to be considerate of coworkers.

Home Office

If you're a telecommuter or home-based business owner, you have the luxury of decorating your home office any which way you please. For those with flexible careers, the dream of painting a work space lime green or having a shiny turquoise office desk aren't out of reach. While the sky is the limit when it comes to home office decorating, remember that the space should inspire you to get some work done, not play your guitar or start dancing to around to Cyndi Lauper in your underwear.

Incorporate your favorite colors into your home office with bold statements and understated shots of color. For example, if your favorite colors are turquoise and white, paint three walls white, but have bright turquoise damask wallpaper throughout the wall that your desk will be facing. Purchase a turquoise office chair, crisp white office desk and accessorize your home office with a turquoise picture frame, pencil holder and area rug.


Cubicles trickier to decorate. If you've gotten the OK from your employer to jazz up your workspace, do so in small doses; anything that might distract your coworkers or interfere with your own work probably will get you in trouble. If you're favorite color is pink, accessorize your desk with a pink picture frame, pink coffee mug, pink mouse pad. Accent the rest of your cubicle by purchasing a pink tack board, wall clock and mirror, accessorize your office chair with a pink throw pillow. If you're feeling bold, ask your employer for permission to incorporate an area rug into your cubicle revamp.