How to Use a Paper Cutter. Most people typically use scissors to cut paper. However, if you cut a lot of paper frequently or want straight, clean edges that prove difficult to accomplish with manual scissors, then a paper cutter can provide the answer for you. These guidelines can help you in the selection and basic usage of a paper cutter.

Choose a paper cutter that suites your needs, space and budget. You can choose from manual versus automatic, high versus low capacity and stationery versus mobile models. Be sure the cutter works for whatever you need to cut, for instance, photos, thin paper or cardstock.

Place the paper cutter on a level flat surface before attempting to cut. Keep hands, fingers and clothing clear of the cutter blade. Remember to put the safety mechanism in place when the paper cutter is not in use. For example, economy and arm cutters usually have a safety latch that keeps the blade in place in a down position.

Put the paper on the cutting base. Some models automatically measure your paper and others provide guides or rulers for you to measure the paper cutting. Do not put more paper than the maximum number of paper allowed on the cutter to ensure you get a clean cut without rough edges.

Use the blade to cut the paper by bringing the arm down or maneuvering the blade depending on the type of manual cutter you have. If you have an automatic cutter then the machine maneuvers the blade for you.

Cut paper for craft projects using a paper cutter. You can find smaller versions of the arm cutters and handheld cutters in scrapbook sections of craft stores.


Most office supply companies such as Officezone have full descriptions of the paper cutter variations.