An efficient office layout is defined by the time and money it saves employees, how well it streamlines work flow and adds ease of quick use to equipment. If your office design allows employees to work effectively within their time restrictions and turns a definite profit for your company, then it's successful.

Employee Satisfaction

An efficient office layout promotes employee satisfaction through the ease at which they can perform duties. A layout that eliminates the need for redundant movements or unnecessary task completion toward common goals helps employees to feel more accomplished. This positivity boosts their overall job satisfaction.

Effective Floor Space

An advantage of efficient office layout is effective use of floor space and allocation in building usage. A major component in running a business is rent or lease requirements. A strong layout makes full use of all available space, without overcrowding some areas as other areas are left empty.

Employee Productivity

Productivity is bred through efficient work spaces. For example, having an area dedicated to copying, scanning, printing and faxing--and stocked with necessary supplies--in a central office location helps to promote worker productivity. They won't waste time looking for supplies or moving around the office for various related tasks.


An efficient office layout is more organized and facilitates rearranging or expansion, should the team make new hires. These offices are better suited to change, as the space can be manipulated without compromising current productivity.

Effective Supervision

An efficient office layout also facilitates ease of supervision. A manager or supervisor will have little difficulty focusing on his work, but will still be available for employees to ask for assistance. An efficient office space means the manager can easily check productivity and move through the space fluidly.