Cheap Ways to Advertise Pressure Washing

A pressure washing business is an enjoyable, easy-to-operate and inexpensive business, but advertising pressure washing services can sometimes be difficult. With a little creativity, some dedication, and a little luck, though, a pressure washing business can be effectively advertised regardless of the advertising budget.

Print Business Cards

Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous advertising tools in the business world, business cards are especially important for advertising pressure washing services. First, they set the business apart as a professional operation, not just a private individual with a pressure washer. Second, providing a business card during pressure washing discussions or to customers can help make the business (and important contact information) more memorable.

Build a Website

A website is an essential business tool for almost every type of operation, and pressure washing services are no exception. When a user queries a search engine like Google or for local pressure washing services, a well-designed and easy-to-access web presence can mean the difference between being hired and being ignored. Graphical web design programs like Dreamweaver or Microsoft Front Page make designing a website easy, though a professional designer may be more able to quickly produce a professional web presence.

Advertise on a Vehicle

Whatever vehicle is used to transport the pressure washer from job to job (usually a truck or large van), adding some signage and advertising messages can both lend an aura of professionalism to the operation and advertise the service. Vinyl stickers and magnetic signs are relatively inexpensive at local print shops, and can recruit customers who notice the vehicle in traffic. Be sure to check with the vehicle's insurance carrier first, though, as adding commercial signage to a personal vehicle may cause an unexpected jump in insurance premiums.

Consider Doing Some Jobs For Free

Perhaps one of the most important advertising methods in business is word-of-mouth advertising. As previous customers tell their friends and family about the excellent service and price they received on pressure washing, a natural flow of communication becomes an advertising channel. A new pressure washing business with no previous clients, though, may be at a disadvantage when it comes to this form of advertising; to help jump-start the process, consider offering a few customers free pressure washing services in exchange for online reviews or telling their friends about the service.