Deciding to implement a global branding strategy in your overall business plan is no small matter. Any small business that wants to see increased profits, visibility and long-term success should consider the advantages that global advertising and branding can bring.

Essentially, global advertising and branding is the process of creating brand consistency and messaging in countries around the world. When it is done properly, there's no mistaking its reach.

Consider the signature swoosh of Nike, the giant G that Google uses or the Macintosh fruit logo with the bite taken from it that signifies Apple. These brands made their marks on the worldwide business stage, and they all reaped the benefits of global branding.

Consistency in Messaging and Branding

It makes sense that if a brand wants to do well across the world, it should present the same message and impression no matter where the customers are.

Some of the best global branding examples can be found by looking at Coca-Cola. The ubiquitous soft drink maker maintains the same red and white coloring and script text of its logo throughout the world. Apple has a consistent message to its worldwide customers by providing beautifully engineered designs combined with user-friendly interfaces.

An iPad sold in the U.S. looks the same in Europe and the Middle East, as do the stores that sell them. That consistency led to one of the most important benefits of global branding – a worldwide customer base willing to spend billions on Apple products.

Lower Advertising Costs

By maintaining the same global branding strategy of visibility and consistent messaging throughout the world, a company can spread the costs of advertising throughout the global market.

Not many people can forget the global branding examples of the Dos Equis beer “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign, or Red Bull's sponsorship of extreme sports events, particularly its 2012 sponsorship of Felix Baumgartner's jump from a balloon 24 miles above the earth. One of the benefits of global branding that Red Bull enjoyed was having its brand name stamped in front of the millions of people who watched that day, as well as the hype leading up to it.

There are cultural considerations to be aware of, such as language, gender equality and how certain products are valued in different parts of the world. However, the right message can resonate with people across the globe and lead to brand loyalty and increased profits for your business.

It saves you from needing to develop various marketing messages for different markets. There is very little mistaking the Nike message of "Just Do It" throughout the world, for instance.

Improved Customer Awareness

It stands to reason that the more places your product is placed and sold, the more potential customers have face time with it and are willing to buy it. It is easier than ever before to create a global branding strategy and stay in touch with your customers.

The internet and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can create instant buzz from your customers.

A well-timed tweet on Twitter or a post on Facebook featuring someone using your product is an instant positive review. If the right people in different countries see that advertising, you may have just acquired a new customer in Japan for no cost at all.

Production Cost Savings

Johnson & Johnson has been a household brand name for 125 years. Most people have a connection to the company's products from their childhoods. More than likely, they use one of the brand’s signature line of baby products for their own children.

A brand around for that long expands massively, and in this case, the company was selling 470 products in 140 countries. That meant 293 different formulations and 102 different types of bottles, packaging, and dispensers. From a production standpoint, this was wasteful.

So, Johnson & Johnson changed its global branding strategy, taking into account universal customer needs and insights, such as the fact that parents can't take their hands off a screaming, wiggling baby at bath time.

The research led to a significant transformation in packaging, with added pumps and ergonomic designs that make it easier for parents with their hands full. In addition to making the customer happier, Johnson & Johnson saved a lot of money by making packaging simpler and streamlined.

Instead of 102 unique bottles, caps and pumps, it now has only 29 – 19 bottles, four custom pumps and six caps made from 125 injection-molded plastic molds. A single supplier prints the 24 labels used around the world.

All told, Johnson & Johnson's efforts led to a 70 percent reduction in bottles, an 89 percent reduction in the packaging suppliers and a 60 percent reduction in ingredients due to formula changes.

Savings on Staffing

A consistent global branding strategy can make the difference between hiring new people or saving by using the people you already have and who already know how to deploy your marketing message. This can be not only a cost-saving move, as you won't have to pay salaries and benefits for these people, but also make it possible to have fewer people on board. In turn, this makes it easier for you to communicate strategy to the people tasked with carrying it out.

Many brands maintain a global manager of advertising and other staff members who oversee the global branding strategy of the company. It is their job to make sure that all messages are on point with the brand’s intended message throughout the world.

By having these consistent staff roles, along with customer service, sales and other crucial customer-facing roles, your company can enjoy advantages of global branding such as saving money on personnel and having fewer voices in the room, which makes it easier to keep your message consistent.

Improved Customer Service

With smart global advertising and branding, you can instantly market your business as an international company, which immediately demands respect from your customers.

Also, with a global reputation, you can hire people who are aware of your brand and are proud to work for you. By being known and respected globally and providing consistent customer service, you have the opportunity to position yourself as the best in your market.

Having the ability to hire highly motivated customer service stagg will result in a better experience for your customer. This will reap benefits for your company in the form of additional sales and higher visibility.

Stronger Competitive Advantages

It's one thing to say you are the biggest shoemaker in upstate New York and the one place everyone goes to for shoes made by a local business, for example, but that potential customer market is only so big. In addition, someone down the street may have the same idea and try to take your customers.

Now, what if you could go head-to-head with such well-known global shoemakers as Nike or Adidas? It could make your product well-known; no one in upstate New York could compete for your business because you have a global competitive advantage.

The idea is to make your services or products more desirable than your competitors' products or services, and if you are seen as someone who can play with the big dogs worldwide, you gain brand loyalty.