How to Start a Non Profit in Georgia

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Starting a nonprofit organization is a lengthy process that involves filling out a lot of paperwork. Once you decide to start a nonprofit, be sure to follow the proper procedures in order to incorporate the organization. Complete each of the steps involved in the correct order. Completing the steps out of order can cause a delay in the process and can make becoming incorporated more difficult than necessary.

Step 1

Find out if the chosen name of your organization is available. Search the Georgia Secretary of State Securities & Business Regulations Regulated Charitable Organization Database to check availability. Reserve the name with the Georgia Secretary of State Corporate Division.

Step 2

Obtain and file your articles of incorporation with the Georgia Secretary of State's Corporate Division. This must be done within 30 days of reserving the name.

Step 3

Publish a Notice of Intent to Incorporate with the county newspaper. Contact your local clerk's office to determine the correct newspaper in which to publish the notice.

Step 4

Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number with IRS application form SS-4.

Step 5

Apply for Federal Tax-Exempt Status. Fill out IRS forms 4220, 4221, 557, 1023, 1024, and 8718. These must be submitted within 15 months of the date the articles of incorporation were filed.

Step 6

Apply for Georgia state Tax-Exemption Status by filling out form 3605. The organization must have an IRS determination letter in order to apply for state tax-exemption.

Step 7

Apply for a Georgia state I.D. Number with Georgia Department of Revenue form CRF-002.

Step 8

Register as a charitable organization if your organization's annual income will be less than $25,000. Fill out the Georgia Secretary of State's Securities and Business Regulations form C-100 to register.

Step 9

Apply for a business license. Contact your city and county clerks' offices for more information on how to apply for a license.