Save the Date Ideas for Fundraising Events

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Fundraising is a noble cause for many non-profit organizations. Groups wishing to fundraise will need to generate public interest and attendance to gain advantage and funds for the cause they are supporting. Advertising a fundraiser and distributing save the date information has become easier with everyone hooked to a computer or mobile device where information exchange is immediate.

Posters, Flyers and Mailing Lists

Create posters and flyers to post on public message boards. While this is very traditional and requires footwork, it is a time tested method of reaching people. Also, use mailing lists from past fundraisers to generate mailers to interested community members. If this is your first fundraiser, remember to begin generating a mailing list to support future endeavors.


Use the power of the Internet. Create a save the date email with a Windows paint program, or simply use text to communicate the information. Email can reach those who do not frequent public boards or those interested individuals outside the community.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are great promotional tools. With a few simple clicks, an online group of people can be invited to an event as a group. Every person in the group can receive a save the date notification, alert the organizer if they will attend and ask questions regarding the event.

Television Stations

Local cable stations host public television stations that advertise fundraising events. Advertise your save the date notification through public television and reach interested individuals who may not use the Internet or notice public advertising boards.


Design a website for the fundraiser for interested attendees to find more information. Websites have become easier to manage, with walk-through instructions and pre-made templates. A website can be obtained for free if the company is allowed to advertise on your site. Post save the date information and more on a site made for the fundraiser.