As the major auto manufacturers produce more electric cars, the need for electrical voltage stations is increasing. While drivers of electric cars may choose to install an EV charging station at their homes, they still need to recharge while on the road. Setting up charging stations in public garages, at sports arenas and along streets near restaurants, stores and malls gives you a way to make money from servicing people who want to plug their car in while they run errands.

Ways of Charging

Finding ways to bill for the electricity supplied at your charging station is key for making money. The way you bill depends on the location of your station. If you install EV charging stations in public places, charge a set fee each time an electric-car owner uses the station. Or, set an hourly fee. Since most utility companies are regulated by the state on how electricity can be billed, check with your state to find out whether you are allowed to charge by the kilowatt hour, if you prefer to go that route.

Sales to Businesses

Another moneymaking idea is to sell charging stations to businesses whose employees would benefit from them. Tell such businesses how charging stations encourage people to drive electric cars and, in turn, help protect the environment. Set up a contract with each company and bill it directly for its use of electricity.

Apartment-Building Sales

To set up EV charging stations in apartment buildings, you must convince the management to assign specific parking spots for residents with electric cars. Work with apartment management to include a section in their leases about the monthly fee renters must pay to use the chargers. Then bill the management to collect your revenue each month. Or, if the they allow it, set up a contract with renters, and bill them directly for use of the chargers.

Other Considerations

If you set up more than one station, use networking software to keep tabs on all of your machines. This software allows you to track the amount of time each car spends hooked up to the station, so you know exactly what to bill each person. Networking software allows you to keep track of how many car owners are using the stations at any time so you can make marketing decisions. The software also helps you identify problems with the stations. That way, you get repairs done more quickly so stations will be up and running again and you can make money. Some charging stations can even be fixed via the network, eliminating costly trips to the station and thus helping to improve your bottom line.