Safety Committee Meeting Topics

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The safety officer cannot create a safe work environment without the cooperation of every employee who works at the company. Regular meetings of the safety committee can help the safety officer create new policies, procedures and training to improve the company's safety record and remind employees to do their part.

Safety Statistics

The current safety statistics may appear on the safety committee's meeting agenda. Statistics may include how many accident-free days the company has had and which areas are the most and least safe. Statistics can help the committee target areas for improvement.

Safety Checklists

The safety committee may propose and implement safety checklists for various aspects of the business. Each area of the company may have different concerns and safety issues. For the garage and parking lot, for example, focus targets include trash, securing vehicles and limiting speed. The office staff might look at how office supplies are stacked, food left in the office refrigerator and maintaining clear walkways and hallways.

Disease Prevention

People who work in close quarters may pass diseases through casual contact. The safety committee can provide information on hand washing, sanitary practices, the use of disinfectant wipes on shared equipment and when the employee should stay home to avoid exposing co-workers to disease. The committee could brainstorm ways to get the message out and suggest items to purchase to encourage compliance.

Lifting and Moving

It never hurts to remind people how to lift or move heavy objects safely. Injury is possible when objects are moved without following appropriate safety procedures. The safety committee may create and disseminate handouts that demonstrate the proper steps to accomplish these tasks.

Holiday Safety

More than 12,000 emergency room visits occur every year due to falls and other holiday decoration mishaps, according to Safety Toolbox Talks. Employees who are hurt in home accidents may miss work. The safety committee might provide safety handouts and suggestions that encourage employees to stay safe at home as well as at the office. Employees may appreciate knowing that the company cares about their safety both on and off the job.

The committee could also provide suggestions and help to reduce holiday stress. Planning to cover employees who take vacation during the holidays helps lower the stress on those who must staff the office in their absence. The committee might also discuss providing safety items for holiday gifts such as flashlights, first aid kits, flares and emergency auto repair kits.