When you are in charge of a workplace, observing your employees and facilities can have positive effects on your business. Without it, things can spiral out of control before you are aware of them. As you set up an observation plan, aim for transparency so your staff understands the reasons behind the system.

Ensure Employee Safety

One of the most important reasons to monitor and observe the workplace is to keep your employees safe. By observing the goings-on in your facilities, you will be better able to spot dangers before they escalate into serious problems. During observation, keep an eye on irrational or unusual behavior by employees that might precipitate a violent outburst, for example, and take action to ensure safety. You can also watch out for problems in the workplace environment that might cause harm or injury to your staff. With regular observation, you can ensure that your workplace is secure and safe.


Employees who feel that their progress is not being monitored may find it tempting to slack off or slow their process. By letting them know that you are watching the workplace, you can send the message that you care about the business and their productivity. When putting observation systems in place, take care not to appear suspicious or accusatory, which can cause employees to become defiant or feel a lack of trust or confidence. It should be clear that you are observing, but not threatening.

Identify Bottlenecks

Observation can be a valuable part of workplace efficiency, because it allows you to spot bottlenecks in production. As you watch the workplace, note where the process slows or becomes inefficient; often, this can indicate that a part of your workflow is not functioning appropriately. With observation, you can identify the cause of the problem and take steps to improve productivity in that area. By streamlining your workflow, you can alleviate employee frustration and help your bottom line.

Minimize Theft

If you are having a problem with theft in your workplace, observation can help eliminate the issue. By keeping a close eye on the supplies and the behavior of employees and visitors, you can identify the culprit with minimal fuss. For workplaces that are operating as usual, regular observation can help you spot a problem and deal with it immediately before items of real value go missing. With an investment in an observation system, you can protect your inventory, equipment, and the belongings of your employees.