A good employer is concerned with the welfare of its employees. That's why most companies require prospective employees to undergo a pre-employment medical examination. It is important for employers to know if potential employees are fit for the job. Otherwise, the workplace may pose additional health hazards and risks to employees who already have medical issues.

Proper Identification

Proper identification is required to confirm the identity of prospective employees taking the pre-employment test. Bring your drivers’ license or any proof of identification such as photos and other important documents. Having these documents handy will avoid any delays in completing your test.

Physical Preparation

You should be prepared for a comprehensive examination covering blood pressure, heart, vision, stomach, spine, limbs and more. One day or at least 16 hours prior to the physical exam, you may be advised not to listen to portable music devices such as an iPod. The pre-employment medical exam includes a hearing test and listening to loud music might affect the results. If you smoke, do not smoke at least a day before the examination as this might also affect your lung function test.

Other Tests

You'll also be asked for a urine sample to check your blood and sugar. Wear appropriate clothes that are comfortable and will make your exam easier, such as shorts and a T-shirt. If you wear glasses, take them with you ford the medical exam.

Important Reminders

The pre-employment medical exam is not a trap designed so you fail the job requirements. You should not hesitate to disclose any existing physical condition. Do not use illegal and prohibited drugs. If you are taking medication, tell the medical staff right away because it will also be detected during the test.