It can be difficult to put together an employee safety meeting these days. Conflicting staff functions and schedules often get in the way, and dental office meetings are no exception. However, you should be able to hold a productive safety conference.


First, put together the content. Because safety is such a crucial issue in dentistry, put together a small packet for employees to take home. Overwhelming them with a great deal of information all at one time increases the likelihood they will forget some or even all of it.


Depending on your particular dental office's needs, there are many items you can discuss in a safety meeting. If an unsafe incident occurred recently, that is important to cover. Prevention is also a common topic, such as how to dispose of medical instruments or chemicals.


One of the most difficult parts of hosting a meeting is dealing with scheduling. A dentist's office might have many different staff members, not all of whom work the same days at the same time. If possible, try to hold the meeting when the office is closed, and offer an employees incentives or additional pay to attend.