The Best Selling Dropship Products

Dropshipping is a business practice where a retailer sells a product, then sends the order to a dropshipper who stocks the product and ships it to the purchaser. The buyer pays the seller; the seller pays a portion of the proceeds to the dropshipper. Often the dropshipper creates the appearance that the product is being supplied directly from the seller. It's an ideal sales and distribution model for small, home, part-time and especially online businesses.


Focus on a narrow niche you have specific expertise in. The best selling dropship products for you are not necessarily the best selling dropship products for other people. The reason is, you have to sell them, not someone else. You have to have some expertise and present them in a compelling way. You have to inspire confidence in customers that they should buy from you instead of somebody else. Even if video games are better overall sellers, if you have no interest or expertise in video games, you're unlikely to be among those selling a lot of them. For your best dropship sellers, find the optimal intersection of products in high demand and products you will have a competitive edge presenting to the public.

Finding Products That Sell

The list of best overall selling dropship products is constantly in flux. It's more valuable to understand how to find dropship sales trends and what they have in common. To find products currently selling well, search Google for products you're interested in. Generally, the more available a product is, the better it sells.

Evaluating Search Traffic

More and more consumers begin shopping for a product with a search engine query. Online companies such Google, Yahoo, and Ask publish popular search trends. Other online sources provide up-to-date micro-trends in search queries. Look at the products people are searching for and note the ones you are most interested in.

Connecting Supply and Demand

If you make a list of all the products you're interested in, search for them, then note which ones are most available, you will measure the supply of those products. If you then research current trends in search traffic and note what products are being searched for, you identify the demand for products. Pick overlapping products that appear on both lists. Of the products you identify, focus on products that sell for between $25 and $125 and that are small, lightweight and easy to ship. These items are most likely to be your best-selling dropship products.