Many companies opt to award their employees who stay put with years of service awards. These tokens are not only effective in showing the recipients that you care, but they can also serve as incentives for those who consider changing jobs to stick with their current positions. When selecting years of service awards for your workers, seek something that is appropriately formal and representative of the wonderful job that the worker has done to date.


Give your 20-year-steady employees a gift representative of time by presenting them with a watch. Select a watch with the company logo on the face, or one that features colors representative of your company. Have the reverse of the watch engraved with the recipient's name along with a notation indicating that the award was presented in recognition of 20 years of service.


Present your valued employees with plaques that they can place in their office or at home. Have a plaque created that contains the headline “For 20 Years of Service.” Place the company logo prominently on the plaque, and include images reflective of your business, such as small pictures of tires to represent a tire company. Place the recipient's name on the plaque center, along with the year he started and the year in which he reached this 20 year milestone.

Name Plate

Allow long-term workers to jazz up their desk space by giving them name plates. Have a name plate in an impressive hue, such as a gold tone, printed for those who have worked with your company for 20 years. Place the recipient's title below his name on this identifying desk decoration. Reserve the presentation of name plates for the celebration of 20 year work anniversaries, or instead assign a different metallic hue to each seniority level and gradually upgrade these plates.


Give your worker a useful and attractive desk addition by presenting him with a paperweight. Have your company's logo or another representative symbol set in heavy glass to craft this attractive paperweight. Have the words “20 years of service” added to your business logo or placed separately in the paperweight to make the gift truly representative of the recipient's achievement.