Arbonne is a company that was founded in 1980 that specializes in health and beauty products. Arbonne has an "Independent Consultant" program, in which you can start your own business promoting and selling Arbonne's products. Arbonne Independent Consultants receive income through commissions on products sold. Once you become an Arbonne Independent Consultant, there are many different ways you can market your business.

Referral Program

One of the best ways to market your Arbonne business is to build a network of referrals. Offer your friends, family members and current customers deals, discounts or other incentives for referring other customers to you. Send emails, letters and make phone calls to your entire network announcing your referral program and new business.


Arbonne has product brochures that you can print and distribute to prospective customers. First, determine who your target market is, which is the demographic profile of the ideal customer for your business. Then, visit local health- and beauty-based businesses that your target customers visit frequently, and ask if you can leave a stack of brochures at their business near the door. Keep a stack of brochures in your car at all times, and hand out the brochures to people you think may be interested in buying Arbonne products.

Social Networking

Use social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook to promote your business. If you already have accounts with these types of websites, simply send out periodic messages promoting your business. Communicate information about specific Arbonne products and services that may be relevant to your network of friends. For example, if many of your friends are women over the age of 50, you could post a message about the RE9 Advanced skin care line and say something like "if you're interested in a great age-defying skin supplement that will help you look younger, contact me today." If you're not a member of any social networking websites, then sign up for several social networking websites and begin building your network.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Offer to speak at a conference focused on health and beauty. This is a great way to market your business and connect with people who are aligned with your target market. Or, set up a booth at a local trade show or flea market to market and promote your Arbonne business. Bring plenty of product brochures and business cards to distribute.

Search Engine Ads

Search engine marketing is buying targeted online ads in major search engines. You can choose which search terms your ad will appear for. To do this, first choose a search engine or two where you would like to place an ad. Then, pick several key search terms you think your customers may search for, such as "best beauty products" or "products to look younger." Next, purchase ad space with the search engine, so your ad will show up whenever a customer clicks on the search term. It's a great way to drive customers directly to your business.