Many office supply companies produce adhesive labels. Because Avery Corp. also provides free easy-to-use templates for consumers of their products, many companies identify their labels as “comparable to” a similar Avery product.


The Avery 5160 and compatible labels come in both inkjet and laser printer versions on 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch sheets of 30 labels, 3 columns of 10 labels each. Individual labels measure 1-inch tall by 2-5/8-inches wide. The label may be white or in color, with a clear option also available. Some vendors, including Avery, provide versions with a preprinted decorative image on the label. The corners of individual labels may be squared or slightly rounded.

Compatible Avery Products

The 5160 template works on many Avery products, including the 15510, 15660, 18160, 5260, 5630 and 5660. The variations in number describe labels for specific applications, although the size is consistent.

Other Vendors

Most office stores have one or more store-brand versions of the Avery 5160. Product numbers vary according to the color and number of labels per package. Maco’s ML-3000 provides a compatible configuration.


In an pinch, substitute any full-page single label product and cut the finished labels apart. Always test a template on a sheet of plain paper and measure it against the sheet of labels. You can make minor adjustments to the top, bottom or side margins as necessary to print a satisfactory page of labels on your particular printer.