After you sign up for a PayPal account, you can give your PayPal e-mail address to the people or entities that owe you money so you can get paid. You can earn money and get paid via PayPal in any number of ways, some of which require little more than a time investment.

Get-Paid-To Sites

Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites allow you to create an account and complete various tasks to earn money. The money you earn comes from advertisers who pay to have their ads or products seen. You'll often earn a few cents to a few dollars for each task. Some tasks--such assigning up for a free product trial--require a credit card, while others--such as surveys--allow you to participate for free. The tasks you complete vary with each GPT site. For example, CashGopher requires you to install software on your computer to view advertisements. FusionCash, on the other hand, has surveys and free product trials. Some GPT sites require you to read emails and click a confirmation link in the e-mail to confirm your earnings. Other GPT sites include CashLagoon, PrizeLive and Deal Barbie. Get-paid-to sites often pay by PayPal either monthly or every other week.


Anyone with a valid credit card can usually sign up at an auction site and list an item for sale. Many auction sites, including eBay, Webidz and eBid integrate, the auction platform with PayPal so that you can request that buyers pay for items with PayPal. When you sign up on an auction site and become a seller by verifying a credit card, you create a description of the item you're selling in your auction, upload photos and set a starting price for the auction. You can usually set the auction to continue for a set number of days. When the auction ends and the buyer pays, you're typically paid instantly to your PayPal account.


With your own blog, you have several options for earning money to your PayPal account. With a blog, you can sell your own products and set up "Buy Now" buttons with PayPal. Or you can join an affiliate program through PayDotCom or E-Junkie and promote the advertiser's product to get paid commissions via PayPal. You can also display block advertisements and text-linked ads by signing up with networks like Chitika, Clicksor and Bidvertiser. These advertising networks typically pay earnings through PayPal at a specified time during the month.