Crazy Fundraising Ideas

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When a traditional bake sale fundraiser won't make the splash your organization desires, opt for a crazy event to raise money and awareness. As you plan an event, look for ways you can attract the interest of your community by capitalizing on the passions of residents and by attempting physical challenges.

Physical Feats

When you want to hold a grand-scale fundraiser that will attract a good deal of attention, focus on a physical feat. A crazy physical challenge is a way to raise awareness and money for your cause or organization. If you're an avid climber, you might climb the world's highest seven summits or tackle your state's highest three mountains. You could bike across your state, run an ultra-marathon, or hike the country's four longest trails, back-to-back. To increase the interest in your event, set limits that make it more difficult: Set a challenging time frame, perform the feat with restricted gear, or set out during harsh weather. Start marketing at least six months in advance to create a buzz and solicit corporate sponsorship, and offer individuals the chance to donate to your cause.

Mud Wrestling

If you are fundraising for a group that is respected in your community, convince well-known officials to participate in a mud-wrestling tournament. Choose people who will be likely to attract a crowd, like the town mayor, school president or pastor of the largest church. Keep the event tasteful and increase interest by creating unusual pairings: A university pastor might take on the school's president, for example, or you might hold a match between mayors of competing towns. Find people who are completely unexpected to participate, like the prim wife of the district attorney or a popular but reserved high school teacher. Set up small pools filled with mud in a fenced-off area at a local festival or event, and charge admission for people to watch the competition.

Football Game

Make the most of a community rivalry by holding a football game between two warring groups. If you are raising money for a school, choose a students vs. teachers game; you might also hold a match between groups of diehard fans of rival sports teams. Choose a rivalry that has a high following in your community to attract the biggest crowd. Get a local school to donate its football field and marching band, charge admission and drum up interest by advertising on local radio and newspapers. In the advertisements, play up the rivalry to get people excited, and enlist the marching band to play relevant themes or fight songs during the event.