Michigan Works Grants

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Michigan awards Department of Labor and Economic Growth (DLEG) grants to eligible companies and organizations. The purpose of the grants is to provide training for displaced workers and currently employed residents. Individuals and families benefit from training financed through the grants. As Michigan Governor Jennifer Graham stated in her September 3, 2010 Labor Day address, efforts to generate new jobs “create new opportunities that will allow working families to prosper in the 21st century.”

Incumbent Worker Training Grant

Monies to fund training across various job fields including manufacturing, technical and managerial are provided through the Incumbent Worker Training grant. Total amount of the grants is $3 million. To qualify for the grants, employers must conduct a training needs assessment for each open job that requires a displaced Michigan worker or lower-level employee to receive additional training before they fill the open position. Employers must match 50 percent of the grant funds to cover the total cost of the training for employees. The type of training and course start and ends dates must also be indicated when employers apply to receive the grant. Grant monies cover the costs of curriculum development, training materials and supplies, instructor salaries and travel expenses directly related to the training. Grant applications are available through Michigan Works service centers.

Career Center Grants

Career Center grants are distributed to Michigan Works service centers. Funds from the grants are used to train displaced workers on resume building, job interviewing and job search skills. Total of the grants is $4.5 million. Displaced workers who apply for unemployment are eligible to receive the free training at one of the Michigan Works service centers.

No Worker Left Behind

Michigan residents with low incomes ($40,000 or less a year) are eligible to receive job and training assistance through the state’s Work First job training grants. The total of the grants is $1.2 million. Grant applications are available at the state’s 25 Michigan Works agencies. A high school diploma is required to apply for the grant. Applicants must also be at least 18 years old. Training expenses are covered at up to $5,000 a year. Community colleges and training firms provide basic skills and industry specific (i.e. nursing, computer networking, administrative assistant, database management) training to eligible grant recipients.