Grants for Group Homes for Developmentally Disabled Clients

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Grants are available from a variety of sources to fund programs that benefit people with disabilities, including group homes. To receive funding, you must find a grant with criteria that your group home will meet. Then you must apply for it by filling out a grant application.

Federal Grants

The U.S. government awards more than $500 billion each year from more than 1,000 grant programs within 26 federal agencies. To search for federal grants and register and apply for funding, go to the website

State Grants

Each state government offers grants for programs within the state. Search your state government's website for details.


Nongovernment Grants

Many individuals and foundations provide grants for services for the developmentally disabled. You can search for grants by category at the website Fundsnet Services Online. Other information is available at the website Non-Profit Guides.