Businesses that resell goods to customers must collect sales taxes on all goods sold. To avoid double taxation, these businesses are eligible to purchase inventory and materials tax free by using a state-ssued sales tax exemption number. Non-profit organizations (501(c)(3)) are also eligible to make purchases related to their organizations tax free. To make tax-free purchases at Home Depot, a Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number must be obtained by the company or organization. To obtain a Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number, you must register to receive one on Home Depot’s website.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet connection

  • State-issued sales tax exemption number

  • Fax Machine

  • Printer

Go to the Home Depot Tax Exempt Registration Page in your web browser (see Resources).

Enter your business information and click “Continue.” The required fields are marked with red asterisk marks. Home Depot allows you to select your own Home Depot tax ID. This is different than your state-issued sales tax exemption number and should be easy to remember. It will be given to the cashier whenever checking out at Home Depot.

Select “United States” from the “Country” menu and select “State” from the Tax Jurisdiction Level drop-down menu. Select the state that your company is registered in from the box on the right. Click “Add” on the right side of the screen.

Choose your tax-exemption reason from the drop-down menu that appears after “Add” is clicked in the previous step. Enter your state sales tax exemption number in the field labeled “Identification Number.” Click “Continue” to proceed.

Review the inputted information and mark the check boxes at the bottom of the screen indicating that you agree to the statements. If you have any questions about the statements, contact Home Depot’s tax department at 877-434-6435. Once you are finished, click “Continue” to submit the form.

Print the document by clicking the “Print” button in the middle of the “Registration Confirmation” page and sign the bottom. You must then either fax or mail it to Home Depot’s tax department to complete the registration.


A state sales-tax exemption number is required and Home Depot may require your company or organization to submit copies of the sales-tax exemption license. The fax number to submit the form is 770-384-2762. It is not necessary to include a coversheet when faxing.
The mailing address to submit the for is: Tax Department, PO Box 105799, Atlanta, GA 30348-5799. Consult your accountant for specific information pertaining to the eligibility requirements, rules and limitations of a state sales-tax exemption in your state and industry.