Crafts have been sold in stores and markets for centuries, but with the advent of the Internet, online sales have blossomed. Internet sales can be very lucrative because of the amount of traffic they generate. Many established websites get millions of viewers, according to Compete, a Web analytics company. Holiday wreath makers can get in on the profits along with other craftsmen.

Choose Website

Sell your holiday wreaths through an established website rather than creating your own. These sites charge fees, but they put your holiday wreathes in front of many interested buyers. It takes a long time to build traffic to a personal site. You also will avoid much of the fraud that happens on some online classified ad websites. The Fraud Guide, published by the US Treasury, warns that scammers often troll classified sites. For example, a scammer offers to buy items and sends a check for far more than the asking price. He asks you to cash the check and wire the difference to another person via Western Union. After you send the money, you discover the check is fraudulent and you are liable for the full amount.

Make Payment Easy

You can easily accept credit cards as payment for your holiday wreaths by opening a merchant account. Your customers can buy your wreaths conveniently and you don't have to process the credit cards directly. A merchant account deposits the money into your own account, so you maintain control of your money.


Your customers will not be able to see your holiday wreaths in person, so take good photos to showcase them. Shoot pictures from several angles and include at least one closeup picture and one hanging in a natural setting, such as on a door or wall. Include all the photos in your online sales listing. You may have to pay extra, but attractive photos will draw more buyers.


You need to sell your wreaths early enough to allow for shipping time and still give the buyer time to display them before the holiday. No one will be interested, however, if you sell them too early. Balance your time frame between these two considerations.

Theft Protection

Send your holiday wreaths by a method that requires the buyer to sign for them. This prevents unscrupulous people from claiming they never received the item.