Are you a business owner who wants to accept checks without worrying about bouncing checks? Are you a customer who would like to make a purchase using a check, but would like the funds to clear from your account immediately? If you answered yes to either question, then cashiers check sound like a good payment option for you.

What Are Cashiers Checks?

Cashiers checks are bank-issued checks that a payer can give to a payee as a form of secure payment; it basically guarantees the payee that they will receive their money once the check is deposited because it will be paid out by the bank.

Who Accepts them?

Individuals or businesses usually will accept cashiers checks. It is always best to ask first to ensure that this form of payment is accepted.

Where Can You Purchase Them?

You can get a cashiers check from your bank. The bank with automatically debit the amount out of your account and charge you a fee for the purchase of the cashiers check.

When Should Someone Use Them?

Cashiers checks are best to use when a company or individual will not accept a personal check or at times that the funds need to be available quickly.

How To Use Them

Cashiers checks are used like personal checks. You have to know the amount that is needed and then you request that amount from the bank. You make sure you write in your information, the payee’s information and then sign the check.

Cashier Check Scams

To prevent being a victim of a cashiers check scam, contact the issuing bank to ensure that the check is legitimate before accepting it as payment.