How to Expense Ordering Checks

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The purchase of checks is an allowable business expense. You must use the checks in the ordinary course of your business. These check expenses are deducted from revenue when you are calculating the profits of your business. You need proper documentation for all allowable business expenses.

Determine the cost of your checks. The allowable expense is the actual cost of the checks plus any design fees, shipping or handling charges.

Obtain a receipt for all expenses. The receipt should state the vendor name, date, amount and description of the purchase. Expenses are recorded on the date they are incurred. If you purchase the checks and are liable for payment of a purchase in November, but do not receive the checks until December, you record that expense in November.


Record the amount in your accounting software or general ledger. For a purchase that is paid in full, record a journal entry of a debit to your expense account and a credit to cash. If the purchase is to be paid in the future, record a journal entry of a debit to your expense account and a credit to your accounts-payable account.



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