According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are over 100,000 nonprofit organizations in Texas, including public charities and private foundations, as well as various civic and community organizations. A comprehensive list cannot be provided in a short format. Also, as each nonprofit serves a specific population based on its organizational mission statement, a meaningful list can only be compiled through a targeted search based on the searcher’s informational needs.

State Listings

Access the various information portals offering listings for nonprofits located throughout Texas. The Non Profit List organization offers listings by city, including organizational descriptions and location maps, accessible online free of charge. The publication “Directory of Texas Foundations” can be purchased for a one-time fee, for either online access or for a print copy. For a recurring subscription fee, the Texas Non Profits organization offers a searchable database classifying nonprofits by asset size and geographic location.

Regional Listing

Browse the various online listings providing information on Texas nonprofits by region. For example, the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country provides a detailed online list of nonprofits in that region, including contact information and available website links. The Southeast Texas Nonprofit Development Center posts its membership organizations online with contact information, service description, and website links. The Dallas Fort Worth Town-Mall posts area nonprofit descriptions and website links. All of these resources can be accessed free of charge.

Other Sources

A cumulative list of federally registered nonprofits can be accessed through the IRS Publication 78 search engine at the IRS website free of charge. Although the first box of the search engine asks for the organization’s name, you can skip this step and simply choose “TX” in the location box, which will yield an alphabetical list of all IRS registered nonprofits in Texas. Searches can also be performed through the Texas Secretary of State’s office, as Texas incorporated nonprofits must file formation paperwork and regular reports with this office. If you know the name of the nonprofit you are interested in, you can research that organization through the SOSDirect web access system at a cost of $1 per search. Also, the Foundation Directory Online provides a searchable database of grant-making nonprofits nationwide, which can be viewed by state, but access requires a recurring subscription fee.