Fun Customer Service Activities

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Customer service representatives handle customer concerns, requests and complaints. Many work in call centers with a cubicle, telephone, computer and headset. Employers prefer representatives who have an associate's or bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Whether you are training to enter or advance in this career, you can find entertaining customer service activities to help you reach your goals. Some of these online programs are free, and others are available for purchase.

Customer Service Works provides free training activities.
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This website provides training and activities for customer service companies, new customer service representatives or those already in the field. Activities include quizzes, articles, customer service sayings and audio recordings. Online training involves scheduled online workshops and webinars. There are also additional resources that representatives can use to benefit their training. All of the activities and training are free to use.

Business Fundamentals offers a training program for reps and managers to purchase.
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"Business Fundamentals" offers training, tips and ideas and activities for customer service professionals as well as infomation on holiday office parties and games and an onlline store. One resource includes a top ten list for adding fun to your work. The site also includes a training program that both customer service representatives and managers can purchase.

Jill Hickman contains content for a fee.
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This website includes links to free customer service resources such as the Real Age test, a suggested reading list, customer service tips, team building activities and labor force facts. The site contains content for managers or companies who want to develop leaders, enhance productivity and increase morale in the workplace. Online training programs are available for a fee.

Engaging Training

Free games are available to promote sales and customer service skills in a sales environment.
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"Engaging Training" offers free customer service training games, videos, resources and newsletters. Access to this information requires registration with a valid email address and password. Free games and activities promote sales and customer service skills in a sales environment.



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