Most businesses base customer service on meeting customer needs and expectations, as well as dealing productively with their complaints and suggestions. Employees who work directly with customers should know their employer's products, use good phone and personal etiquette and acknowledge that their personal success depends on the quality of customer service they provide.

Customer Expectations


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Meet customer expectations. Know your company's products and services and know how to explain them clearly to customers. Always help customers. If you can't help them, direct them to someone else in the business who can.

Customer Needs


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Meet the needs of all customers, regardless of their age, race, sex, religion or geographical location. For example, customer service representatives in a call center should treat a customer from India with the same respect and patience they would treat someone who just walked into the business.

Complaints and Feedback


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Handle customer complaints in a prompt and friendly way. Ask customers if they're satisfied and use their complaints to improve your companies produces or services.



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Make eye contact with customers and greet them with a pleasant "Good morning" or "Hello." Smile when greeting customers and wear an identifiable name tag when you introduce yourself, so customers can remember your name.

Telephone Etiquette


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Watch your phone manner. Be polite and alert when talking to a customer. Never sound bored or impatient. Always identify yourself by name and if you're away from your desk, send calls to your voice mail.

Customer Relationship

Learn how to deal with customers in all circumstances. Ask your company to publish a manual that includes service standards and helpful information about services or products. Recognize that good customer service means everything to your company's success and to your personal success.