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Are you looking for a small business or service that you can operate by yourself? Lots of successful small businesses today are run by single owners. Every business sells something, whether it's a product or a service. If your dream is to run a small business by yourself, inventory your skills, talents and interests to see what you can offer potential customers or clients. Decide what you want to specialize in, then start up your business.


eBay can be a money-maker for those who want to fly solo. eBay is an auction website where you list your products or services and others bid on them. You can sell new or used items, and there are few limits on what you can sell. According to ABC News, a piece of Justin Timberlake’s French toast sold for $1,025, proving that one man's junk is another man's treasure on eBay.


Housecleaning is another business that requires only one person to run. In today’s busy society, many don't have the time to keep a clean house. That’s where a housekeeping service comes in. For an hourly fee, the owner washes dishes, cleans the bathroom, makes the beds and whatever cleaning services the client wants.

Child Care Service

For those who enjoy children, a child care business might be just the thing. Most people with children will need the service at some point. One person can take care of a few children at a time. Child care is the only business where the owner gets paid for playing in the park.

Pet Sitting Service

People love their pets. They also go on vacation and don't take their pets with them. The owner of a pet-sitting service cares for other people's furry and not-so-fury friends. Pet sitters feed, water and walk pets as needed and can take care of pets in their homes or a client's.

Craft Shows

Craft shows and handmade goods can be a winning combination. Many earn a living making crafts and traveling the craft show circuit. Woodwork, soap and jewelry are a few things people make and sell at these shows. Most vendors have business cards so that customers can order their items after the craft show.



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