What Are the Benefits of Strategic Training & Development?

by Nicole Papa; Updated September 26, 2017

Strategic training and development is an investment your employees will appreciate. According to Amherst College, training is the education of the individual through lecturing, reading and verbal communication. Development is taking current knowledge, skills and information that you may have and strengthening them through assessment, feedback and an action plan. Training and development are an essential aspect to creating a successful business, made of people confident and secure in their job performance.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Strategic training and development provides employees with the tools and information needed to complete their job successfully. When you are given goals, told how to obtain those goals and given the tools to see the process through, it is easy to enjoy your job. People who are thrown into a job without formal training and development may feel lost, purposeless and frustrated with their inability to complete their tasks.

Increased Productivity

When people know what’s expected of them and how to accomplish the task, they are motivated to get the job done. Increased motivation leads to greater productivity because people are able to accomplish their tasks faster. Training and development provides people with the proper knowledge, skills and tools needed to complete their tasks.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Strategic training and development provides stability for employees which makes them want to stay with the company. Training and development provides the sense that the company is investing in them and finds great value in what they have to offer. Employees who feel respected and taken care of will become loyal to the company.

Increased Flexibility

Training and development enables employers to cross-train their employees in different areas. For example, you can train people in the customer service department to handle sales calls and vice versa. If the situation arises where you’re short in one department, you can pull some people from another and not feel strained organizationally. This also gives the employees the advantage of growing in other jobs and skills that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue.

Satisfied Customers

Employees who participate in strategic training and development are able to handle customers' questions, concerns and needs. Employees are given the appropriate knowledge they need to handle tough situations and can answer questions more confidently and efficiently. Training and development can educate people on communication skills, decision-making abilities and conflict-resolution skills.

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