What Is an HR Management Role Regarding Training & Development?

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Human Resources Management has undergone significant changes over the past several decades. Once known as a “personnel department“ with responsibility primarily for hiring, recordkeeping and paying employees, HR now carries a variety of major responsibilities, including the development of employees to ensure high performance.

New Employee Orientation

HR professionals often organize new employee orientation to integrate fresh hires into the organization. Effective “onboarding” enhances employees' later productivity and talent retention.

Career Development

Career development is an approach to development that attempts to match the personal goals of an employee with the organization’s needs. Responsibility for career development ideally is shared between the HR department and the individual.

Leadership Development

Leadership training strengthens the ability of an individual to lead others. This type of initiative is not reserved only for individuals in leadership positions. Providing leadership skills training can enhance performance on teams throughout an organization.

Management Development

Management development enhances the ability of those in management positions to perform the tasks associated with planning, decision making, coordinating resources, organizing and implementing organizational changes.

Supervisor Development

In an organizational hierarchy, supervision of employees is the first level of management responsibility. Supervisors are often promoted from the ranks of employees and need to transition from doing work to supervising the work of others. The HR department has the responsibility of creating programs to help in this transition.



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