Ideas for Employee Open Enrollment Communications

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Annually companies that offer employee benefits have an open enrollment period for employees to enroll or renewal their health care coverage for the next year. Gearing up to the open enrollment period, many companies launch a campaign to communicate information about their benefit options. The campaign may be multi-faceted in approach using electronic and written communications alongside open meeting sessions to explain the upcoming year’s health plan and benefit choices.

Electronic Campaign

Electronic employee communications regarding open enrollment are common in today’s workplace. Open enrollment communication campaigns include email blasts to all employees with information about the benefit plans and reminders on when and how to enroll, weekly newsletters with articles about benefit options and benefits brochures. The information sent via email can be posted on a company intranet, an internal website, for employees to link to through the emails. The vendor handling the enrollment processing may have a website for electronic enrollment which may contain information on benefit options. Employees can review electronic benefit information at their leisure and enroll at their convenience prior to the end of the open enrollment period.

Conference Call/Web Meeting

Larger employers may hold company wide conference calls with accompanying web meetings during open enrollment. Calls may be hosted by the human resources department and have guests from the vendors contracted to provide the next year’s benefits. Each vendor can speak to the offerings and answer questions. Presentations including a demonstration of the enrollment website may be followed online through a web meeting during the call.

Face-to-Face Open Enrollment Sessions

To reach employees without computer or telephone access companies may hold several face-to-face open enrollment sessions. Like the conference call concept, representatives from the company’s human resources department and the health plan vendors may hold in person meetings with employees to explain benefits and the enrollment process. Several sessions may be held to accommodate employees on different shifts and allow for a more intimate setting for employees to ask questions.


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