Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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Restaurant kitchens must be completely cleaned every night. Whether you have an experienced staff or a novice crew, kitchen cleaning is more efficient if you post a list of nightly duties. A list of expected cleaning jobs ensures team members will thoroughly clean all areas without forgetting anything. Your list also can help eliminate health hazards due to food spoilage on surfaces.


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Cleaning dishes makes up a large portion of kitchen duties at the end of the night. Make sure all dishes are washed, rinsed and sanitized according to local health department codes. Post dishwashing methods on the wall above the dish sink.

Hot Equipment

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Clean hot equipment after it has cooled down. Spraying cleaner on hot oven doors or other surfaces can create dangerous fumes, so always wait for the equipment to cool. Wipe down all equipment surfaces, making sure that grease and spilled food have been removed.

Mechanical Equipment

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Break down any equipment, such as mixers or can openers, into parts. Clean each part separately, making sure that all food residue has been removed. Put the equipment back together.

Food Prep Surfaces

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Wash all food preparation surfaces such as tables or cutting boards. Make sure all food and grease have been removed. Spray the cleaned surfaces with a sanitizing solution and let the surfaces air dry.


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Clean your restaurant kitchen floors as the last duty of the night. Sweep thoroughly, making sure all food is removed from beneath equipment and from walk-in refrigerator floors. Mop the floors with a commercial floor mop solution, mixed according to your manufacturer's directions. Rinse the floors with clear water to remove any soap residue and allow the floors to air dry.


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