A new hire will be anxious to get started, and having office supplies ready on the first day can make the job easier. You can start by providing the basics, and then as the new hire progresses and learns the ropes, you can address special requests specifically related to the position.

Writing Instruments

Most new employees can get by with standard ballpoint pens, but certain positions may call for special consideration. For an executive, you might choose a desktop pen and pencil set. An engineer may require mechanical pencils.


Most employees will need a stapler. Usually a regular office stapler will do, but if your employee’s job entails stapling stacks of documents, a heavy-duty stapler may be necessary. Make sure to have an extra supply of staples on hand.

Tape Dispenser

The easiest-to-use tape dispensers are the type with a weighted base to help keep the dispenser in place during use. These tape dispensers also make it easier to reload a new role of tape.


Although more and more workers use computers for notes, many employees still like having notepads to jot information down. A secretary, or any worker who answers the phone, may find notepads especially handy. Many employees also consider adhesive "sticky" notes indispensable. Ask new hires which size notepads they prefer.


Many employees also use a computerized calendar for tracking events, meetings, appointments, callbacks and other tasks. But some workers still prefer to use paper calendars. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including monthly wall calendars, small daily calendars and large calendars that cover a desktop.

Phone Directories

A new employee may require two types of phone listings: an internal directory listing names of company staff, departments and their phone extensions, and a local phone book. Not all employees will require a phone book, although secretaries, purchasing agents and sales people generally need one. However, any new hire might appreciate a phone book--especially employees new to the area--in order to locate lunch spots and other local businesses.

Business Cards

Executives, sales people, human resource administrators, managers and any employee who has contacts outside the office--or has clients or sales people visiting--will need business cards. Be sure to have your new hire verify the information that will go on the card before having the business cards reproduced.